Our Beliefs
We believe in the One GOD revealed in the Bible. We believe the one GOD is made up of the three persons known as the FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT (1 Peter 1:1-2; Matthew 28:19).

We believe the Bible is GOD's Word. We believe the Bible is the inspired word of GOD (1COR.2). We are confident GOD inspired the individuals (2TIM.3:16-17, 2PET.1:16-21) who wrote each book of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. We are committed to the continual study of GOD's Word to see how we can most closely give GOD the personal and collective worship He desires (2TIM.3:16-17).

We believe we are the body of Christ (1COR.12:12-27). We believe the church is comprised of Christ-followers. Jesus is our head, and we are His body (COL.1:18, EPH.1:22-23).

We believe salvation is offered only through Jesus. We believe we are saved by grace which is accessed by our obedient faith in GOD. Our faith response includes GODLY sorrow-Repentance (2COR.7:10), making a public confession of faith that Jesus is the Son of GOD (ROM.10:9-10, MAT.10:32-33), and being water immersed in the name of Jesus for the Forgiveness of Sin (ACTS 2:38, ROM.6:1-7, ACTS 22:16, GAL3:27, ROM.8:1, GAL.3:29). Through this process of Obeying the Gospel (1PET.4:17, 2THES.1:8), we are Forgiven, cleansed of our sins, Reconciled to GOD and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (MRK.16:15-16, 2COR.5:17, ACTS2:38. Those who submit their lives to the lordship of Jesus “take up their cross” and follow Him (MATT.10:34-39).

We believe Christ will claim His own. We look forward to the day when Jesus will return in the clouds and His followers will rise, meet Him in the sky, and ultimately be with Him forever (2PET.3;10-13, 1THESS.4:17).

We believe in biblical worship (JOHN4:24, MAT.7:21). Our worship is particularly unique in two aspects: our singing is A cappella and we participate in the Lord’s Supper weekly. We do so because Scripture teaches us to do these things.  In addition to singing and the Lord’s Supper, our worship services also include preaching, prayer, and giving (Acts 20:7; 1COR.16:2).
1. We believe that all human life is priceless in the eyes of GOD and that all humans should be treated as image-bearers of GOD. For this reason, We stand for the sanctity of life, and strongly oppose abortion.
2. We believe in Jesus’ definition of marriage—that marriage must be between one man and one woman. For this reason, we believe same-sex marriage is disordered and sinful, and we oppose same-sex marriage.
3. We believe that Christ invites all races and ethnicities into the Kingdom of GOD.  We believe that racial reconciliation must be a priority of the church. We believe the Gospel and the churches it creates must be open and welcoming to all people who come to Christ—from all ethnicities.